Systems Engineering
& Safety Assurance

Specialist Systems Engineering & Safety Assurance services for clients, contractors and other consultants.

  • Systems Engineering
  • Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM)
  • Technically Assured Organisation (TAO) Application Support
  • Requirements Management
  • Human Factors
  • Safety Assurance
  • Configuration Change Management
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Safety hazards controlled


Requirements managed

Systems Engineering & Safety Assurance (SESA) is essential to the successful delivery of complex, safety-critical projects. ARCH Artifex has emerged as a leading specialist provider of SESA services, playing an influential role in the development and delivery of some of Australia’s most iconic projects.

Our strength is our people and their combination of specialist expertise and practical knowledge. Blending the power of SESA with standard industry custom and practice is the key to increasing value and lowering cost and risk.

We also recognise that the assurance world can be confusing, abounding with acronyms and jargon. ARCH Artifex provides a safe pair of hands to guide our clients through the steps necessary to deliver their projects successfully.


ARCH Artifex's combined leadership, knowledge and experience provides industry leading insights and best-in-class practices across all services. The team is led by highly skilled and experienced directors and principles who are actively involved in project delivery.

Our team is made up of exceptionally capable specialists from diverse project backgrounds in Major Rail, Road, Power, Defence, Health and Information & Communication Technology projects. 

We listen, we understand and we deliver results.

Systems Engineering 

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We add value to complex projects by combining the strength of systems engineering principles with a deep understanding of how projects are developed, designed and delivered in the real world.

We offer

  • Requirements management, including DOOR's and RAATM's for the full 'V' cycle of the asset delivery
  • System interface and integration management, including IDC, IDR, IRS and V&V management
  • Integration of Systems Engineering with contractors Quality Management Systems
  • System Acceptance and Systems Integration Testing
  • HF, EMC, F&LS and other key systems' integration in design development and risk management support


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RAM analysis is a proven approach and effective tool for assessing system reliability, availability and maintainability. Our team is experienced in using the full range of RAM techniques to improve outcomes both during project delivery and ongoing maintenance.

We offer

  • Planning to establish a cost-effective results-driven RAM strategy
  • Failure mode analysis including FMEA and FMCA
  • Maintainability analysis including MRA
  • RAM modelling including ETA, FTA and RBD
  • Operational RAM improvement studies including RCM

Technically Assured Organisation (TAO) Application Support

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With in-depth knowledge of both TfNSW and TAO, our team is highly experienced in helping projects and organisations understand and meet their obligations.

We offer 

  • Assistance in obtaining organisational TAO accreditation
  • Implementing both organisation level and project level tailored TAO processes and procedures complying with ASA standard TS 06197.1 TAO Authorisation Requirements
  • TAO auditing and surveillance
  • Competency management

Requirements Management 

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The verification and validation of performance and technical requirements through the life-cycle of a project is the backbone to ensuring projects meet their objectives.

We offer

  • Verification and validation of requirements across the project lifecycle
  • DOORS and DOOR NG management and control
  • Integrating requirements management needs with contractors ‘Quality Management Plans’
  • Establishing and managing derived requirements such as safety controls, security, human factors

Human Factors Engineering

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Creating high performing, safe and reliable systems through a clear understanding of the target end users and context of use.

We offer

  • User Research/ Customer Value Proposition
  • Human Factors integration planning and execution
  • Human Factors Risk and Issues Management
  • System Integration/ Human Centred Design (HCD)
  • Operational Integration Support

Safety Assurance

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The identification and control of safety hazards together with robust safety assurance processes are essential for delivering safe projects.

We offer 

  • Preparation and review of Safety Assurance Plans (SAPs) and Safety Assurance Reports (SARs)
  • Risk/hazard identification, mitigation & management of specific registers (PSHL) throughout the project life cycle
  • Preparation of safety cases, Goal Structured Notation (GSN) and SFAIRP arguments

Configuration Management 

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Where changes are made to a safety-critical operating system such as a railway, configuration management is the gateway process used through the development and delivery of a project.

We offer

  • Configuration Change Management strategy and planning
  • Compilation of CCB and TNAC documentation and evidence
  • Negotiation and close out of any conditions of approval